My Latest Posts for Political Scrapbook

I’ve taken a quick break from writing for Political Scrapbook during the exam season, but here’s a summary of my latest posts. You can read more breaking political gossip every day at the full site.

  • City Hall emails reveal panic over Boris campaign Twitter hijack – Emails between Boris Johnson’s senior staff at City Hall revealed to Scrapbook show panic over criticism that Boris broke election rules after changing the Mayor of London’s official Twitter account to a personal campaign account – taking its 250,000 followers with it. More.
  • Is Brian Coleman losing it? Tory councillor “goes mad” at shopkeepers – Just a few days before the local elections earlier this month, Tory councillor Brian Coleman was seen shouting at shopkeepers and “intimidating” them into removing posters which campaigned against him. More.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s plans to launch school with Michael Gove – After raking through Rupert Murdoch’s written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry, Scrapbook found that Murdoch’s News International planned to launch a free school in East London. Critics were concerned that students would become guinea pigs for the products of NewsCorp’s education technology firm Wireless Generation. More.
  • James Murdoch used to hide a gun under his desk – Tom Watson’s new book with journalist Martin Hickman reveals that James Murdoch used to keep a gun under his desk whilst working for hip-hop label Rawkus Records. More.
  • Breivik emailed BNP candidates days before he slaughtered 77 people – Mass-murderer Anders Breivik got in touch with BNP candidates just days before he committed Norway’s worst ever peacetime atrocity. EDL leader Tommy Robinson has also been caught defending Breivik. More.

So there you go.