Gawker’s Leaks from Fox News Mole

The controversial Fox News article which prompted Gawker's mole to leak

Left-wing US gossip website Gawker has a new columnist: a mole from the Fox News Channel.

The anonymous leak has begun a series of revelatory columns which aim to dish the dirt on Fox News’ questionable journalistic practices and editorial policies. After years of gritting his teeth in the service of the right-wing Murdoch news agency, the mole is looking to find a way out – but they refuse to leave quietly.

The first revelation from the mole is an off-air video of Republican presidential candidate hopeful Mitt Romney speaking to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. The video includes one or two potential embarrassments for Romney, including:

  • Romney snootily discussing horseback riding, complete with references to “Austrian Warmbloods” and dressage. In the eyes of the mole, the horsey banter “sounds not only gay, but even worse, French.”
  • Halfway through the interview, Romney changes ties to make it look like the interview was filmed on two separate occasions. When offered a pink tie, Romney refuses, saying: “I’m not going all Donald Trump today.” On the day of the interview, American businessman Trump had just announced his support for Romney.
  • Romney is further conscious of not appearing vain or feminine about his looks. Discussing the famous embarrassing video of presidential candidate John Edwards preening himself, Romney tries to avoid a repeat saying: “It’s one thing to do it for a second. It’s another thing to do it for an hour.”

With a bit of luck, more embarrassing leaks are to come. Read the whole leak and watch the Romney video on Gawker here.