VIDEO: Jessie J – Laserlight ft. David Guetta – Released Today

Jessie J’s collaboration with David Guetta can be seen in two ways. It either means that Jessie J has finally hit the big time and has now scored the chance to work with a superstar DJ; or Jessie is just another in a long line of female vocalists-for-hire which Guetta needs to ship in just to make his latest creation listenable (think Kelly Rowland, Sia…). Or perhaps Jessie J is being shrewd here, too; after all, the new track exists solely to encourage people to download the special edition of her album, and having David Guetta on board might get a few new people interested. 

The video, released today, shows Jessie J in some ridiculous earrings the size of dinner plates and a series of bizarre costumes, each uglier than the next. According to people who aren’t in any way paid by record labels to write complete rubbish in order to sell pop music, the track featured in the video is “a huge electro-house-ballad full of Guetta’s signature thumping beats and Jessie’s powerhouse vocal.” See for yourself below.

Laserlight is released on May 13th (although obviously available on iTunes now), and here’s the video, released today.