My Latest Posts for Political Scrapbook

I’m currently an intern at Political Scrapbook, an influential Westminster website which aims to make life difficult for the political right. I currently spend two days a week working in their London offices where I write breaking news stories and research longer-term investigations. If you think that sounds dull, wait ’til you read my latest posts…

  • Boris Johnson campaign director worked for Fox and Werritty donor – Last year Defence Secretary Liam Fox resigned after being investigated over his working relationship with his best man Adam Werritty. Today we revealed that Michael Hintze – who funded much of Fox and Werritty’s controversial work – has also funded Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign director. More.
  • Simon Hughes’ desperate bid to airbrush his support for Health Bill – Today we published the details of an email from senior Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes, who has shown hilarious hypocrisy over his support – or otherwise – of the Health and Social Care Bill. More.
  • Is Osborne using tax avoidance as an excuse to target charities? – Chancellor George Osborne intends to clamp down on individuals who use sham charity donations to avoid paying income tax – but there is little evidence for any such tax evasion. Here, the Charities Aid Foundation and the HMRC try to explain. More.

NB: I don’t really think it’s dull – it’s ace. I just didn’t want to sound ridiculous.