The X Factor USA – first full preview

Warning: If you think The X Factor here in the UK is ridiculously overrated, frustratingly omnipresent and unbearably over-dramatic, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The X Factor is headed to the USA, and is set to dwarf our version in almost every respect. It will make our pyrotechnics look like birthday cake candles. It will make our dramatic live finals look like a particularly tame episode of ‘Countryfile’. IT WILL MAKE DIVA FEVER LOOK SHY AND UNDERSTATED.

IT’S TIME (well, almost). TO FACE (watch at three in the morning on ITV2). THE MUSIC (mentally unstable Americans trying to impress Paula Abdul).

Here’s the full trailer.


It will never, however, beat this:

‘Arrogant. Obnoxious. YOU’VE GOT FOUR YESSES.’