Movie Preview – It’s The Inbetweeners!

It’s a momentous occasion for anyone even remotely interested in good television in the last couple of years; a full trailer for the upcoming Inbetweeners Movie is out now.

If for some ridiculous reason you didn’t know, those laddish losers from Channel 4 are going to be coming to a big screen near you this August and we at Fresh Index cannot wait. All we’ve been given so far was a teaser trailer a few months ago showing Will, Simon, Jay and Neil walking down Malia’s infamous club strip, and although it didn’t give us much to go on, it was still bloody exciting to see that the movie was well on its way.

The new trailer goes into a lot more detail and gives us more than a few hints as to the tone and content of the movie. So far it seems like the Inbetweeners’ saga will continue in typically crude form; as Jay will summarise for you, it’s ‘two weeks of sun, sea, booze, minge, fanny and sex’. Crikey.

All the key elements of an Inbetweeners show are here: Will moaning about being a virgin, Neil doing his fantastic rendition of the robot, lots of puns based on the female anatomy and some glorious-looking unexpected bits (look out for Greg Davies as Mr Gilbert, drenched in booze).

Sure it looks like it follows some of the well trodden Inbetweeners comedic paths. We know that Neil is probably going to get the girls, Simon won’t, Jay will make us doubt our faith in humanity and Will is going to remind us a little too much of ourselves for comfort [speak for yourself, Luke – Ed.], but that’s all we ever really asked for from the Inbetweeners. We hope to see you in your local cinema on August 19th ; here’s hoping they won’t mess up a brilliant show.