The Planner – 11th July 2011

A week is a long time in pop, so if we stand any chance of getting through the next seven days alive we’d better prepare ourselves. Here’s the Fresh Index Planner – your guide to anything and everything worth checking out in the next week.

The Week’s Releases

It’s a quiet week for new albums, but it’s good news if you’re a fan of The Horrors. Us neither. Their third album, ‘Skying’, is out today however, and you can expect a review here on Fresh Index later today. The Wanted’s Glad You Came is also available to download today, and if that’s not worth dragging yourself out of bed for, we don’t know what is. Harry Potter madheads can also get hold of the official soundtrack to the final film as well, so you can hear what Voldemort dying sounds like before it actually happens. We bet it’s pretty grim.

The Week in TV

The TV highlight of the week looks to be the premiere of the brand new series of Torchwood, which we previewed a few days ago, but there are also a few smaller new series starting this week which could be worth a watch. BBC Three has a couple of trashy but intriguing reality shows up its sleeve, including ‘Small Teen, Bigger World’ (BBC Three, Monday, 9pm) about a 17-year-old with the height of 9-year-old, and a new series of ‘Underage and Pregnant’ (BBC Three, Monday, 8.30pm) which follows a young mother bringing up a baby whilst working for thirteen GCSEs. Crikey.

ITV2 premieres ‘Peter Andre: Here 2 Help’ on Thursday at 9pm, in which Andre travels to Solihull to help a working Mum look after her two kids. Yes, it sounds terrible, but it has to be better than his most recent TV work: poor Peter had to turn to shopping channel QVC to sell his new single after radio stations refused to play it. Obscure channel 5* has a new series starting this week called ‘Silent Library’ (5*, Tuesday, 10pm), in which contestants have to undertake a series of challenges in a library without making any noise. We’ll be watching with subtitles, just to see how they get around that.

Channel 4 have two new quiz shows on air this week. The first is ‘Pop Up Pop Quiz’ (Channel 4, Saturday, 11.30am), which is presented on an inflatable set and stars the cast of The Only Way is Essex. This sounds ridiculous. On thankfully more familiar territory, C4 also have a new series of the actually quite good ‘Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night’ (Channel 4, Friday, 10.30pm), this week starring Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera, Kimberley Wyatt and Alan Carr.

In Cinemas

The only movie release of any note this week is ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’; it looks like nobody dared to tackle the Potter juggernaut head on. Frankly there’ll be no need to see anything else, but if you’re not a Potter fan and need something else to look forward to cinema-wise, check out our look ahead to the new movies hitting cinemas in the coming weeks.

We hope that all helps the ride through to next Sunday a little easier. Good luck!