TV Preview – Torchwood – Miracle Day

Well that all looks very exciting.

BBC sci-fi series Torchwood is back on BBC One on Thursday 14th July, after being dragged between channels, squeezed into a mini-series and almost completely abandoned by the BBC.

Torchwood’s saviour is the US premium entertainment channel Starz Entertainment, who have coughed up enough cash to make the new 10-part series which will be broadcast simultaneously on both sides of the atlantic. In exchange for their cash, all we have to do is put up with their annoying accents.

The new series features long-running cast members Eve Myles and John Barrowman as Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness, and features the world descending into anarchy after everyone suddenly turns immortal. Gwen and Jack come out of hiding after the US authorities get increasingly desperate, and slowly a brand new Torchwood team takes shape. As you might expect, the series has an international feel; scenes take place simultaneously in Los Angeles, Washington DC and… Wales. It’s good to see that the British are providing the glamour, then.

The brand new series premieres at 9pm on Thursday 14th July on BBC One. We’ll be back on Friday for a full review, or you can follow our tweets while we watch at our Twitter page (@freshindex).